Scrapbooking Projects

Now I wouldn't say I'm an all-out scrapbooking fiend, but I do love pretty pages with embellishments and fun paper. I'm not sold on doing every little thing perfectly with a laser cutter. I like mess and clutter and hand writing. To me, it's more fun when I can sit down and finish a project with that blue marker instead of having to stop because I don't have that perfect stamp or ink. I recently stumbled upon SMASH Books from Crafts Unleashed; this is my kind of scrapbooking! Quick, fun, and full of memories. The memories are what the scrapbooks are for, afterall!

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Disney Scrapbook

Dates of pictures: 1/10-8/10

Date started project: 12/10

Date finished: Still in progress

This scrapbook is a compilation of my life during my adventure in the Disney College Program. I got to be a part of a lot of great things and met so many awesome friends. It was an amazing experience and I miss it constantly!

Harry Potter Scrapbook

Dates of pictures: 12/10

Date started project: 12/11

Date finished: Still in progess

Grayson took me to Harry Potter land for Christmas!