I'm Kara.
I'm a Harry Potter fanatic.
I am a Nerdfighter.
I bite my straws.
I pick up pennies.
Po-ta-toes are the best food.
Owls are my favorite.
I really like cereal.
Roller coasters are awesome.
I solve Rubik's cubes.

Welcome to my little piece of the internet! I'm a crafty 20-something newlywed living in the Grand Canyon State. We just recently returned home from our amazing New Zealand Honeymoon!

 These are our babies!

I'm starting this little blogging venture because I love to share my enthusiasm and experiences making things. Hopefully this blog will be a way to list projects, finish them, and share them with you!
Thanks for following along and happy crafting!
If you have questions, comments, whatever you can email me at: karamakesthings@yahoo.com