Monday, June 30, 2014

Asuna Cosplay @ Phoenix Comicon

When I was sick a couple months ago, I decided to watch Sword Art Online in two days. I loved it! I wanted to cosplay Suguha as Leafa, but her costume was a little intense and her blonde hair was just crazy. So I decided to go for Asuna in-game instead. I found the costume online since I knew I wouldn't have time to learn to make one in time for Phoenix Comicon. I decided I would buy it and see how they decided to replicate the costume and I could learn for my next costume. I also bought a wig that was meant to resemble Asuna's hair. Her shoes were pretty pricey online since they were all custom made so I just bought some white high-top vans which worked well and were very comfortable!

I bought a Nerf sword and Grayson painted it silver and blue for me.

I had such a great time at the con! Everyone loved the costume and I was really happy with the number of people who knew who I was and wanted pictures. I even saw a few Kirito's :) I could do it every weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New Laundry Room

We do have a laundry room in our house. The only way to get to it originally was through a door outside and I hate having to go outside to do laundry. Feels sort of...counter-productive? The way it was added on to the house left some room for improvement though, as this big blank wall had no major plumbing lines through it, yay!

The goal was to add a doorway to this wall that led right into the laundry room. We enlisted our fathers for some help with this of course.
This is how my dad likes to makes shopping lists
Once the measuring was done and studs were removed, the drywall was cut. Grayson helped by vacuuming all the dust before it could get all over the kitchen.

Link wasn't really much help, but he was cute. Here he is poking his head through the old dryer vent hole.

Here are some more before pictures. So far we just have the door installed. We still need to insulate and re-drywall all the outer walls, re-wire some electric stuff, and paint. I'm still deciding if we should paint the floor or get some indoor-outdoor carpeting. I'll have all the after pictures up when it's all done!

Owl After Owl


I've come to the point that whenever I feel like crocheting, but don't really feel like following a pattern, I will crochet owls; usually while I watch tv. Blankets may be easy because they're just row after row of the same number of stitches, but they take so long! I mean, I can start and finish the body of an owl in one episode of Pokemon. So I've made a few recently and here they are.

I'm not sure what to do with them yet. They weren't made for anyone specifically so I just might put them in my Etsy shop when I make enough of them.