Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Wedding Favor - Mini Honey Jars

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted as favors at our wedding. We already had bubbles and I wanted something that I could spend a little more time and effort on. We also weren't going to have a big jaw dropper like a photobooth or anything, but I did want something our guests could take home and actually use. I found these ideas on Pinterest (one) (two) and my mom and I loved them! Little did we know how much effort we would have to put forth to make them, but we're so glad we did.
We had about 110 guests so we figured we needed about 100 containers. Cost goes up fast when you need that many so we did a lot of searching for the perfect container. We looked at craft stores, online, and dollar stores for anything from mason jars to plastic containers. It was hard to find 100 of the same thing of a reasonable size without spending more than $1 a piece. We finally settled on a 4 oz. glass jar.

My mom found the jars on Amazon. They came in a bulk size of 96 for about $100. She washed all 96 of them and filled them with honey. We wanted to use delicious raw honey, but it was going to be too expensive for the amount that we needed so she just used store-bought honey that comes in the bear-shaped container. Fancy!

To start the project, place a piece of double-sided tape on the center of the lid.

My maid of honor and I started the search for the fabric. We found this one at Wal-Mart and bought 2 yards of it. We spent a lot of time on the kitchen floor measuring and drawing cut lines. We ended up with about 100 extra squares, so if you're going to use 4 oz. jars and make about 100 of them, you could get away with just a yard of fabric. Each square measured 4x4 in. The bee imprint was not on the fabric; I found the stamp at Hobby Lobby and used a black ink pad.

Center the fabric on the double-sided tape

Cut a length of ribbon and wrap it around the lid and secure it with either double-sided tape or hot glue.

Cut a length of twine and tie a knot, then add your tag, and tie one more knot and a bow. This was a 4-hand task to make the twine really tight. We managed to wrangle my dad to help with a few! For the tag, I used some cheap gift labels from Party City and wrote the phrase on all of them and used pattern scissors on the edges.

They turned out adorable! I'd say we spent about 6 hours on this project, more if you count washing the jars and filling them with honey. I don't have any good pictures of them at the wedding, but they looked awesome on all of the tables and everyone loved them! Some people even opened them with dinner and dipped their rolls in it :)