Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowman Poop! - Office Christmas Gifts

I made these little cuties for everyone at the office. Really quick and fun gift to make and even more fun to hand them out! I found them on Pinterest of course and the creator has free printables for you to make them next year!

Original pin:

Original pin from Enchanted Ladybug Creations

Unfortunately, I don't have any 'making of' photos, but they were very simple to make. The Snowman Poop label and poem were free printables which I colored, cut and glued. For the whole tictac box cover, I followed the shape, which is also a printable, but it came out too small. So I grabbed a ruler and a pencil, measured the dimensions of the TicTac box and outlined the shape then cut. Make sure you keep your first one as a template so you don't have to measure each one.

Then I glued some scraps of the opposite color to the front and hole-punched a 1/4" hole at the top. Glue the cover to the tictac box and tie some ribbon around it and it's done! You can decorate the front however you want, or as much as you have time for! You could also glue the ribbon to the cover if you don't have a hole-punch and put it under the label as the color band instead of the scrap paper.

These also made awesome stocking stuffers! I think next year I'll be making the Grinch pills. Thanks for the ideas, Shannon! Instagram fun!: