Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Work Space

Even though Grayson and I rent a house with 3 other people currently, I am lucky enough to have my own craft room! Though I am ashamed to say I still feel like I need more space; such is the life of a craft addict. I finally got some time to organize the thing, but it's not finished just yet. There's still an unfinished corner and unlabeled bins and drawers (oh no!).

First is my desk. Home of my computer and sentimental things. I can't remember where I bought it online, but I do remember finding a coupon for it and only paid $168. These pictures are horrible quality, but hopefully I'm getting a new camera for Black Friday!
This bookshelf holds all my crafting books and magazines, ribbon, painting supplies, and ready-to-go project kits.

How I organize my work table:

Left drawers: felt, crochet tools, chipboard, stamps
Right drawers: things I need on hand and don't fit on the table, Cricut supplies, bigger stamps and ink
Desktop carousel, caddy for hole punches and pictures

Scrapbooking table with the dreaded unlabeled drawers
Desk carousel holds adhesives, scissors, rulers, pens 
Most of this is scrapbooking supplies: embellishments, rub-ons, stickers, tags, embossing powders, scrapbooks

And here it is, the shameful corner of disorganization! See, I need more space! Okay so maybe the piano doesn't have to be in here, but those drawers and bags are full of scrapbook paper that needs to be sorted and as you can see the shelves are full. I could use another one of those bookshelves, which I got at Walmart, because its middle and bottom shelves have enough width to hold 12x12 papers. It's very sturdy plus it came with a free subscription to Better Homes & Gardens! Yay!