Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Make Paper Monsters


I found this amazing book at a Game Daze store at the mall. All you need is a glue stick! So far we've made (from left to right) Gene Chemzyme (sea creature from outer space), Lobo (nerdy werewolf), Yucky Chuck (the forgotten lunchbox) and Zeke (monster under the bed). Each monster has their own back story and I'll give you one of my favorites:

Yucky Chuck

Yucky Chuck is a mutant lunchbox monster who became toxic after sitting, fortgotten, at the bottom of a child's locker during the summer of 1972. Once a happy lunchbox full of healthy treats, Chuck went nuclear when the tuna fish sandwich left inside him leeched a radioactive form of mercury into his innards. Not only did it make him rotten to the core, but now everything placed inside him becomes instantly toxic. The moment they come into contact with Chuck, sandwiches fester, juiceboxes reek, and eggs explode. The disgusting smell he emits is meant to make people upchuck. Yuck, Chuck.

What have you been making this week?