Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Cheer

I am so thankful I was able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in Phoenix. After the overwhelming delicious meal comes the Christmas decorating! My mom did a wonderful job with her house this year; last year she wasn't able to decorate for the first time since we moved into the house 18 years or so ago because of a renovation they were doing. I'm still waiting on my new camera so these come to you from my phone (still better than my point-and-shoot sadly)!


Our tree is made up of a lot of old ornaments, bought for special occasions: me and brother's first Christmases and my parents' first Christmas together. Others are handmade by us when we were little, there's pictures of my grandma and dad, ornaments given as gifts, and our newest additions are all the owls (there's around 20 of them). I hope to have a whole tree just decorated with owls someday.

Speaking of owls, Grayson and I just went to Target and I'm almost positive I could start and finish my owl tree just in that store. They love their owl ornaments. My mom found our first set of owls there a few years ago and they just get more every year. Here's all of our owl finds...

Those glasses are way too cute! And here's a couple huge tree toppers; these might be a little obnoxious, but if I had an owl-only tree what else would I put at the top?

I won't be able to decorate much at our house this year, but me and Grayson have a couple ideas to make it work in our crowded household :) What Christmas decorations have you been dying to have? Are the decorations already up at your house? Happy Christmas season!