Monday, February 7, 2011


So I started crocheting about a month ago. The very first thing I made was a yellow scarf, just when I was learning how to do it. Then I moved on to more adventurous things.
I made the baby booties for my cousin. They took me forever! I tried 3 different patterns before I found one I liked. Then, I couldn't make two alike for the life of me. These two still aren't perfect, but no one can tell but me apparently.
This guy was my first owl! I named him Seamus. Pattern:here
I drew and painted this for my friend, Steffi. Lucifer is her favorite Disney character ever. I ended up painting the background a darker purple because it was too pastel-like for me. In total, it took me 5 hours to do.

These took a while because we had to place the almond slices one by one and rounding out caramel squares made our hands hurt. But these were a lot easier than the owl cupcakes Steffi and I made before.